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Cardboard Recyclable Corrugated Scratching Pad Txawv-resistant Txaj Cat Kos Duab Duab Los Tiv Thaiv

hom: Tsiaj cov khoom ua si
khoom siv: Paper Cat Litter, Corrugated Paper
daim ntawv thov: miv
Qhov chaw ntawm keeb kwm: Zhejiang, Suav teb
Hom Npe: Mr Tsiaj
Model Number: CHY-180714
Lub npe: Cat scratcher cardboard
Loj: 44 * 21 * 4CM

Tiv tauj peb
Hauj lwm yam khoom


Modern and smart design nicely blends into most home décor. Great for scratching, stretching,

and lounging

Made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard. It is a good environmental

protection material

Reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than most others

Textured scratching surface provides a right place to satisfy cats' natural scratching needs

A must-have cat scratcher to train your furry friend away from sofa, carpet and any other

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made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, five layers of corrugated paper as a pressed unit,

put together with strong glue bond to ensure the durability

Healthier and happier:

Made of corrugated cardboard, which is recyclable.

You can use some catnip to increase your cat's interests in the scratching board.

Large surface area can accommodate cats of most sizes.

Size: approx 17" * 8.5" * 3".

Pob ntawv nrog:

1 * scratching pads

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